In this groundbreaking album which showcases Chan’s talent as both composer and improviser. The album is testament to a range encompassing the full orchestral experience, solo piano, poetry fusion and pure digitalia.

8 Years of My Life

1. Adagio For Planet Earth 1:25
2. Besame 1:06
3. Montenegro 0:46
4. Russian Blues 1:00
5. Millennial 1:05
6. Flight 1:00
7. Petrolo 1:00
8. My First Red Dress 1:00
9. Solstice 1:00
10. Prague 1850 1:00
11. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 0:39
12. Suspicious Talks 1:23
13. Concerto No. 2 Adagio Assai 1:34

The Piano Improvisations were recorded on two very different pianos, in two contrasting locations – Kings Cross and Umbria, Italy.

Beginning in 2009, they represent a kind of musical diary and sketchbook in which I explore themes, moods, genres.

The track with Fanny Ardant is part of an ongoing spoken word project where I combine the spoken word, recorded on my iPhone (the narrator in another country) with my composed response. I love the combination of textures, the formal and the informal.

The Ravel is an extract from a complete Concerto which will be released in 2018. Its important for me to maintain this contact with the Classical repertoire (and I love playing with an orchestra)

“Adagio for Planet Earth” – I wanted to use the power of music to articulate my deep concerns for the environment.

All Piano Improvs recorded in Italy, and Kings Cross.
“Adagio for Planet Earth” – recorded in London with The English Chamber Orchestra (Conductor Paul Watkins)
“Suspicious Talks” – recorded at Abbey Road with the London Metropolitan Quartet.
Fanny Ardant – recorded through iPhone.

All Compositions by Rosey Chan except “Goodbye Porkpie Hat” by Charles Mingus (RC improv on the theme)” & Concerto in G major” by Ravel.

Rosey Chan – Piano, Keyboards.


1. Bach Chorale E Flat 1:08
2. Bill Evans We Will Meet Again 1:00
3. Scriabin Etude In C Sharp Minor 1:01
4. Victoria Bond Rage 1:04
5. John Cage Experiences No.1 0:44
6. Debussy Pour Les Arpèges Composés 1:02
7. Chopin D Flat Major Nocturne 1:05
8. Bach Chorale in F 0:55
9. Philip Glass Wichita Vortex Sutra 1:04
10. Chorale in A Minor 0:59
11. Tom Waits Rainbirds 0:59

In Rosey’s first album, she demonstrates an eclectic approach to piano repertoire and brings Tom Waits, Bill Evans, John Cage and Bach within the Family Chan.

Why One?

I see this as the beginning of a journey that will combine Music of different kinds. Classical, Improvisation and Jazz.

Why Bach Chorales?

The Music of Bach remains relevant. The Chorales are transcriptions from choral works (St. Matthew Passion) and I use them as ‘palette cleansers’ between the other sound worlds I hope to take the listener to – They create transitions.

How do the various pieces connect to each other – Scriabin / Bill Evans / Tom Waits etc?

The differences are not so great – You can hear, for example, in Bill Evans’ music that he was influenced by Bach, Scriabin and Debussy, I think its also important to remember that all music is ‘improvised’ by the composer before being written down.

Who are your favourite composers?

Hard to choose – Aside from the aforementioned, I also have a great love for the impressionists, but ask me again in a week and it could be Rachmaninoff, Shostakovic, Victoria Bond or Nadia Boulanger!

Produced by Sting


1. Does She Love Him 0:55
2. Farewell 0:59
3. The First Time They Danced 1:00
4. Mother And Child 1:00
5. Landscape 1:00
6. 100 Miles From Home 1:05
7. Variations On A Theme By Paganini 0:59

An organic experience. A musical garden regularly seeded with new improvisations and compositions. Chan is a musician in touch with the zeitgeist, both social and digital.


1-5 – Original compositions

6 – Arr by Rosey Chan x Mickey Sumner (voice)

7 – Rosey Chan and Grace Fong (2 Pianos)