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When I was 10 years old, I realised that music would always be central to my existence. My first ambition, to be a concert pianist, broadened when I went to the Royal College of Music, and became aware of the power of improvisation, and also the limitless potential that music has when combined with other disciplines.
For me, the musical journey has to involve as many influences and interactions as possible, breaking down existing barriers and keeping an open aesthetic mind.

Of all of the arts, Music remains the most powerful tool, breaking down barriers, speaking the only pure universal language and constantly creating new and exciting sub-genres.

Music can change the world… the journey continues …”


After graduating from the Royal College of Music, Rosey chan co-founded the Yukawa-Chan Duo.
Following the success of the duo, Chan began to focus on an eclectic series of collaborations with artists from different aesthetic disciplines.
Dancers, architects, film makers, DJ’s and fashion designers have all added to a growing portfolio of work which places Ms Chan in the forefront of 21st century cultural activity.

A further interesting facet was added to her bow when Rosey began an ongoing series of curatorial events in various geographical locations.
In Hong Kong (2012) she brought together artists from a wide range of disciplines. Architects (Peter Macapia) film makers (Paul Schrader, Mike Figgis, Daniel Wu) pop music icons, (Pharrell Williams, William Orbit) photographers and musicians (including Ms Chan) interacted over a 3 day period, debating, performing, and exchanging ideas.

Currently, Rosey is half of the progressive music group Carnet de Voyage which premiered to great acclaim at this years Meltdown festival at the Southbank, London. She is recording an album of solo improvisations and future plans include an orchestral collaboration with the English Chamber Orchestra in a recording of Benjamin Britten’s piano concerto.





 Rosey is a Steinway Artist

Rosey is a Steinway Artist



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